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Please add "SBC" or "Motherboard" category
submitted by Arshin, 14:05, 6 June 2022
Thema: new categories of hardware
Stand: opened
Priorität: medium
I'm running a RockPro64 - mainline U-boot with zero blobs and mainline Debian 11.3. Would like to add it to the database.

Adding mainboard category is a long standing issue - previous issues:

    https://h-node.org/issues/view/en/134/1/8aee33eb9828b44da83fc736f0351500 https://www.h-node.org/issues/view/en/114/1/020aa736c8f37be9e8d3555bd8ab8dea https://h-node.org/issues/view/en/385/1/8aee33eb9828b44da83fc736f0351500

The h-node server codebase is old and messy. For changes like this to happen we need to clean up the code first. ATM I don't have time for that I'm afraid. A desirable first step would be to add tests to the code.

submitted by ycp, 21:08, 8 June 2022

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