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Add vendor "VAIO Corporation"
submitted by NOEU, 16:05, 8 Febrero 2022
ARGUMENTO: add a vendor name
ESTADO: closed
I tried to register for a new model of VAIO, but I couldn't find VAIO Corporation.

Thanks for the report, I'll take a look later today.

submitted by ycp, 20:16, 8 Febrero 2022
I would like to add something that may not be so well known: SONY has divested itself of the PC division that manufactures VAIO. Currently, notebook PCs named VAIO are manufactured by "VAIO Corporation". Therefore, this name should be in the list of Vendor names.
submitted by NOEU, 01:52, 6 Abril 2022

Thanks for the report. I have added it (<https://git.savannah.nongnu.org/cgit/h-source.git/commit/?h=development&id=7d188de2fc818795371d840746ac16c831de1ce7>), and it's available at staging.h-node.org, and will be available at this instance next Wednesday.

submitted by ycp, 03:45, 28 Abril 2022
Thank you very much! I was able to register the laptop I own with VAIO Coporation.
submitted by NOEU, 07:18, 10 Mayo 2022

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