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Add a unique identifier for vendors
submitted by pizzaiolo, 12:34, 12 novembre 2016
STATO: opened
For h-node to be usable by Wikidata, it would be necessary to have unique IDs for vendors. Much like '1824' is the unique ID for https://h-node.org/notebooks/view/en/1824/X751LAV-TY104T/1/1/undef/undef/undef/undef/compatibility/undef/undef/undef, we'd need one like that for vendors too, not just individual models.
There is a vendor id, but currently the script that imports and updates vendors drops the data and reimports, so vendor ids change. The id seems to be unused anywhere, and the searches are by name. Can you clarify how the vendor ID would help wikidata use the data?
submitted by greenman, 12:38, 28 agosto 2017
It'd be nice to have a permalink to vendors based on a stable ID. This would allow it to be linked to Wikidata as a property, so that, for instance, any user or program that stumbles upon, say, the ASUS Wikipedia article, can automatically get the list of ASUS devices on h-node, and how well they're supported by free software.
submitted by pizzaiolo, 21:47, 20 dicembre 2022

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