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Downloading database XML files not as easy as it seems
submitted by lammi87, 03:29, 9 Janeiro 2013
TÓPICO: maybe a bug
STATUS: closed

I tried to download h-node's database file for notebooks from the download page today. I expected to get the standard prompt to either open or save the file to my computer when clicking the appropriate download icon. Instead, it just took me to a page where I could just view the file's content. Selecting the entire page with Ctrl + A did not work and I couldn't find any obvious way to get the data.

Later I obtained the data I wanted with bash:

wget http://h-node.org/download/notebooks/en -O myfile

Can we improve the download page to give a prompt to the user?

Done in svn, now when the user click the link the dialog to download the xml file appears.. it will be uploaded to h-node.org as soon as possible
submitted by tonicucoz, 02:11, 10 Janeiro 2013
Also uploaded to h-node.org!
submitted by tonicucoz, 02:18, 10 Janeiro 2013
Nice! That was fast.
submitted by lammi87, 08:00, 10 Janeiro 2013

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