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Add "All in-one PC" Category
submitted by ssdclickofdeath, 10:34, 28 Maio 2013
TÓPICO: new categories of hardware
STATUS: opened
An All in-one PC category should be added.

Should they be like an ordinary PC, i mean, the presentation changes a little bit, but it's the same thing.

Don't you think?

submitted by Ark74, 12:37, 29 Maio 2013
What I meant was to add a category for small profile computers like the Mac Mini. Small profile computers use laptop components, which may be more difficult to replace with freedom respecting components.

It wouldn't hurt to add an All in One PC category, because the components are more difficult to replace with freedom respecting ones, just like laptops.
submitted by ssdclickofdeath, 17:22, 1 Junho 2013
I agree.

I was reading this article http://www.fsf.org/resources/hw/single-board-computers and followed a link here. I see no category called SBC.

I can't search because there is no free search field - all are limited with parameters (eg. netbook, vendor ID, lspci).

I understand that no SBC or any machine it powers is fully free yet, but isn't this a big category to omit?

I thought I might be missing something and checked "tablet PC" but there doesn't seem to be any tablet subtype to filter by.

submitted by planetlarg, 04:12, 3 Junho 2013

These probably should be new subtypes of "notebooks".

No free distro listed here supports ARM, I'm not sure how reports of such devices would be useful (there is no compatibility to check).

submitted by mtjm, 15:36, 6 Junho 2013
To planetlarg: Small profile computers and single board computers are different things. This is what I am talking about: http://lowendmac.com/mini/mac-mini-index.html A non-Apple small profile computer would fit in this section, too. https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/penguin-wee-3-gnu-linux-desktop A single board computer would be a Raspberry Pi, or a BeagleBoard, usually ARM based, as small profile computers are usually x86, and are not necessarily one board. My Mac Mini isn't.
submitted by ssdclickofdeath, 10:54, 7 Junho 2013
Could someone add a small profile computers section? I have hardware that I can't add because said section doesn't exist.
submitted by ssdclickofdeath, 12:36, 24 Junho 2013
Renaming laptops in computers make more sense. See https://h-node.org/issues/view/en/297/1/8a737f9d18f8cf131922283571674bc5 for more details.
submitted by GNUtoo, 12:10, 26 Junho 2020
These probably should be new subtypes
submitted by kemoa, 05:36, 1 Fevereiro 2022

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