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add M.2 interface to WiFi cards category
submitted by 9swords, 07:40, 10 Abril 2022
TÓPICO: new categories of hardware
STATUS: closed
All recent cards are using the M.2 interface, and even some old cards do (like Intel 7260AC). And mini-pcie is getting deprecated, there won't be much cards in that format in the future.
Sorry for the delay, I've added a change: https://git.savannah.nongnu.org/cgit/h-source.git/commit/?h=development&id=12fbb1f3b66763060b929b83147b19e964e63ced It should be available at https://staging.h-node.org by tomorrow (can you test it?), and this instance at the next release next Wednesday.
submitted by ycp, 03:32, 28 Abril 2022

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